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 Bei Ihrer Anreise in unserem Hotel gilt die 2-G-Regel (getestet, geimpft) mit "Grünem Pass" oder ärztlichen Nachweis für genesene. Für die Einreise nach Österreich ist ein 2-G-Plus (PCR Test) notwendig. Wir sind ab dem 1.1.2022 wieder für Sie da.

Trotzdem sind wir für Sie telefonisch oder per E-mail immer erreichbar.



Family Bernhard & Daniela Fritz
Natterer Straße 8
6162 Mutters, Austria

Telephone: +43 512 548455

Pure nature as salvation for the soul

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The mountain is calling. We take a relaxing deep breath in and respond with a smile. When it is in anticipation at the start of the day, and a feeling of happiness at the end of the day, in between there is plenty of scope for enjoying the loveliest time.


On the mountain, in the valley, in the hotel. Together as a couple, with all the family or all on your own. Effort and panoramic views. Relaxation and thoughtfulness. Nature has so many treasures in store, and opportunities to enjoy this superb landscape around our hotel and in Innsbruck. And that is what we do. Often while being active, taking it easy and always laid-back. After all, exercise brings balance. And with relaxation comes inner tranquillity. We are committed to both. In summer and winter alike. With everything to set your eyes sparkling, via your belly and your taste-buds; conjuring up a smile. Healthy cuisine. At a very special energy-filled space, surrounded by mountains, equilibrium and pure joie de vivre. In the area around the Seppl, your bike hotel in Mutters near Innsbruck.

Seppl in your head; summer in your heart.

Imagine a place where the mountains are reflected in the wild waters of the mountain lake, the wind blows gently through the trees and where the air is so clear and fresh that each and every breath is a like a little break. Just like out of a picture book, except this is more tangible…


All good things have one thing in common. They start and end here with us. An exciting mountain tour, a journey into the lush greenery, a trip into the urban oasis of an Alpine metropolis; time for yourself. Now and then, with the whole kit and caboodle, using your own muscle power, or taking the gondola up to the heavens. Here in Mutters near Innsbruck, there are not just sporty delicacies to enjoy, there is also a hearty helping of connection – with nature, people, mind and soul. Experience a proper summer break: Jump into the cooling waters, hike up to the lofty heights above the rooftops in Innsbruck and of course while enjoying a speedy descent on the bike, a tail-wind and exhilaration. Summer just like the Seppl: wonderful, genuine and unlimited.

Hurray! Out into the snow!

Streams and lakes repose beneath a thick covering of ice. The snow-covered peaks of the Nordkette rise above it all. There is a hint of winter in the crystal-clear mountain air. There it is again – that magic!


Take in the tranquillity during a secluded ski tour. Remove the force of gravity on the bike and in the snow. Don’t just enjoy unique ski adventures yourself. Mutters in winter enchants from the very first moment. Give in and take yourself into a genuine wonderland. To landscapes, places and holiday moments that are just made for those who yearn for the winter, nature-lovers and connoisseurs. You won’t want to leave. You’ll just want to stay, pause for a while and just be happy.

Just escape the daily grind and immerse yourself in spontaneous or well-planned holiday fun. We have deals to suit everyone.

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