Servus in Mutters
a warm welcome to the most beautiful village in Tyrol!

Nowhere else do the urban atmosphere and the rural idyll get as close as in Mutters. Only five kilometres away from the capital city of Tyrol and showing a typically alpine nature, Mutters has already been elected “most beautiful village in Tyrol” twice. Up here, at the sunny plateau to the South of Innsbruck, one does not only savour marvellous views but also receives insights into rural traditions and ancient customs.


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Archaeological findings testify that the beginnings of the history of this village of 2000 inhabitants dates back to the Bronze Age. Mutters received its name in 1100 when the Romansch term “Mutt”, meaning hill, already conveyed the extraordinary location of the village.

Despite its proximity to the urban setting of the modern city of Innsbruck, Mutters imparts the traditional charm of days gone by. Thus, there is still the so-callled Schupfenhof, the former headquarters of the legendary Tyrolean freedom fighter Andreas Hofer, to be seen and visitors can experience the unconventional tradition of Bumsa-Schiaßn in December, in which the neighbouring village tries to steal a canon. The cultural prosperity of the village is also displayed in music and dance. An abundance of appealing events held in the historical streets and allies of Mutters provide an authentic atmosphere.

At Hotel Seppl the great views begin to appear at breakfast. The panoramic scene of the surrounding mountain landscape in the early morning light is sublime. Overlooking the Karwendel mountains through the glass front in our wellness area is just as stunning. Nordkette particularly draws attention. The striking shape of this mountain range impresses with its distinctive, raw charm at any time of the year and arouses the desire to go climbing or deep-snow skiing.

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