This is what Tyrol tastes like!

At our hotel near Innsbruck, we would like to cook for you in accordance with the rules of the (Tyrolean) culinary style: How about a wonderful deer stew using meat from our own hunts, a crispy vegetable stir-fry with ingredients from our cottage garden, or a juicy fruit pie with apples from our orchards? Engelbert Fritz and his team serve new delicacies on a daily basis. Whether you prefer hearty, traditional cuisine or light, international food – our kitchen will delight you with every dining experience.


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The excellent quality and regional origin of our ingredients are as important to us as perfection in their preparation. Thus our hotel restaurant is also renowned and esteemed beyond the national border.

Our service team always looks after your personal well-being: as such, we would like to invite you to a delicious candle-lit dinner accompanied by Austria’s greatest wines in our stylish dining room radiating a charmingly alpine flair. The absolute highlight of this culinary experience is the marvellous view of the night-time lights of the neighbouring village of Natters.

Authentic Tyrolean cuisine is diverse, hearty, and always good for one or more culinary surprises. Discover timeless classics and exciting reinterpretations at Hotel Seppl. For notoriously good food and drink do not only keep body and soul together, but are a must-have during an active holiday in Tyrol. Our vitality breakfast buffet with products from the region will recharge your batteries for sporty challenges or an extensive shopping and sightseeing tour through Innsbruck. In the afternoon, the irresistible smell of home-made cake will make you want to relax with a cup of coffee, naturally on the sun deck if the weather allows it. The five-course meal of choice with both delicacies from Austria and Mediterranean treats is the evening highlight. 

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